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By Tom Beckstrand


LaRue Tactical is known for precision machining, quick-​detach mounts and very accurate rifles. A logical expansion of its precision-​oriented product line would include a suppressor, and that day has arrived. In true LaRue Tactical fashion, the company took a step back, thought hard about what would make an ideal suppressor, then set about executing. The product that came from its effort is the LaRue Tranquilo.


A key component to a pleasant suppressor shooting experience is to minimize the amount of gas that comes back toward the shooter’s face. Gas stings the eyes, isn’t great to breathe and makes it hard to focus on hitting our target. It is especially difficult to manage on an AR-​pattern rifle because the direct-​impingement system directs gas in our direction.

The best way to manage gas issues is to minimize the amount of backpressure a suppressor adds to the rifle. Backpressure causes more gas than normal to move down the bore out the ejection port, and into the shooter’s face. Suppressors struggle with backpressure because they add length to the barrel and increase the amount of time a bullet has pressurized gas behind it. The more time our bore is …read more

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