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By Patrick Sweeney


On the not-so-fun days, I sort of pine for the good old times of blued steel and walnut. Then there are the days when I see new and interesting stuff. The day I first shot Bond Arms’ new Bullpup9 was one of those better days.

Okay, we all carry all the time, right? Actually, no. As it turns out, most who legally can don’t. Carrying a handgun can be a pain — literally. Unless you are going to spend your life wearing heavy clothes for everyday carry (EDC), modern threads are not conducive to carrying a full-­sized gun either. So, many of us search for the smallest handgun to carry that’s big enough to be useful.

Enter Bond Arms’ new Bullpup9.


The Bullpup9 is an updated variation of the Boberg XR9-S, which first appeared circa 2007 for about $1,100. Last year, Bond Arms purchased the patent and rights for the XR9 from its inventor Arne Boberg.

At first glance, pistol appears to have virtually no barrel length given that the end of the slide and muzzle seems to end above the triggerguard. The rest of the pistol appears relatively normal and attractive, perhaps, compared to the bobbed slide. However, we …Read the Rest

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