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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Retay Removable Trigger
RETAY Arms Brings the Removable Trigger to Semi-Auto Shotguns

WASHINGTON D.C. -( RETAY ARMS LTD. STI. of Konya Turkey has brought the push button removable trigger to the semi-automatic shotgun for the first time and the technology has implications for dealer sales, safety and maintenances, PLUS… it’s just plain cool!

The push-button removable trigger is not a new concept as it has been a common feature on very high-end, very expensive competition shotguns for years.

Competitive shooters adopted the design primarily so that they have the ability to replace a malfunctioning trigger quickly rather than having to forfeit a match or switch to a new gun. It also enabled shooters who put a high volume of rounds through their shotguns, the ability to clean and service the all-important trigger group quickly and easily. Less time cleaning means more time shooting and that is an appealing concept.

Now thanks to the engineers at RETAY Arms, everyone can enjoy the benefits of this technology at a reasonable price point. The RETAY REMOVABLE TRIGGER ( RRT ) comes as standard equipment on the RETAY Arms Masai Mara shotgun. The Masai Mara is a feature packed high performance inertia action shotgun with a starting <a target="_blank" href="" …Read the Rest

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