Posted August 20, 2018 11:40 am by Comments

By Jacki Billings

The NRA took a stand against Shopify last week suggesting the user policy change was unconstitutional and urging gun owners and businesses to reach out to Shopify and demonstrate their discontent. (Photo: NRA via Facebook)
Gun retailers still using Shopify’s e-commerce platform have until December 31 to either come into compliance with the new Acceptable Use Policy or hit the road, according to the latest email sent out to retailers last week.
Shopify, which brought the hammer down on retailers selling guns and gun parts, changed their user policy last Monday without any warning. A simple email notification, offering no explanation, was all retailers were given informing them of the update. Though a few people have reached out to Shopify for clarification on why the AUP was changed, to no avail, many retailers say they are too afraid to strike up a conversation with the e-commerce platform on why the update targeted gun-related companies.
“We’ve tried to reach out for clarification from Shopify but have yet to get a straight answer. Our fear is that we may be shut down at any time and without warning, so we’re trying as hard as we can to migrate to a new platform before we’re shut


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