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Nikki Boxler photo courtesy Winchester Blog.
Hunting season has already started in some states, and is right around the corner in other locations. For readers who plan to hunt game this fall, we recommend you brush up on hunter safety and learn the laws in your jurisdiction. This article provides links to key resources for hunters, including links for state-by-state hunting regulation. In addition, we provide key hunting safety tips. Before you go out on a hunt, provide the exact location to family members, and it’s wise to have some kind of geo-location device if you are venturing far into the backcountry.
There’s a great online resource for hunters that will help you find game locations in your state and ensure you have all the proper permits and game tags. features an interactive map of the country. For all 50 states, the NSSF has compiled information about hunting license and permits, where to hunt, hunter education classes, laws and regulations and more. For each state you’ll also find a link for required applications and license forms.

Click Map to Get State-by-State Hunting INFO

Hunter Safety Tips has a good article listing six salient safety tips for hunters. Anyone preparing for a fall

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