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By Tom Knighton

Anytime you see a “gun violence researcher” taking part in anti-gun rallies it’s a pretty good indicator that they’re not exactly a fan of unbiased research. After all, if they’re interested in gun control at all, history has shown how studies will be skewed to push the anti-gun position.

Now, that anti-gun research is about to be at the fingertips of every American, particularly students.

Daniel Webster has been studying gun violence for three decades. He’s read about more mass shootings than he can count. He’s watched homicide rates surge and fall and surge again.

After all those years immersed in the issue, Webster said he’s never witnessed anything like he did March 24, when he joined hundreds of thousands of people — many of them teenagers — who converged on Washington to honor those killed in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre and call for tighter gun control.

“This is a really unique time and a unique coalescence of committed people,” Webster said. “You can tell we’re not going to do this for a year and then move on to other things. I believe the March for Our Lives movement is really setting a course that will be felt …Read the Rest

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