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By Christen Smith

A Boston-area professor said last week a middle ground exists between protecting the Second Amendment and methods of reducing gun-related violence.
In “Broadening the Perspective on Gun Violence: An Examination of the Firearms Industry, 1990–2015,” Boston University School of Public Health professor Dr. Michael Siegel said he wanted to frame gun research in a different context.
“Research on firearm violence tends to focus on two elements — the host (i.e., victims of firearm violence) and the environment (i.e., gun policies),” he said in the article’s introduction, published Thursday. “But little attention has been paid to the agent (the gun and ammunition) or the vector (firearm manufacturers, dealers, and the industry lobby).”
According to federal data, firearms manufacturing in America tripled between 2000 and 2013 — the last year Seigel studied.
In that year alone, manufacturers produced 4.4 million pistols, 4 million rifles, 1.2 million shotguns, 725,000 revolvers and 495,000 miscellaneous firearms, according to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
Firearms manufacturing dipped 16 percent the following year to just over 9 million produced.
“[Manufacturers] have reinvented guns not as a recreational sport or tool but as a symbol of freedom and security,” Siegel told ABC News Thursday.
Siegel said the increased manufacturing of high-caliber pistols, especially, points


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