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By Tactical-Life

The following is a release from Bill Crawford, AMRDEC Public Affairs:

Efforts are being made to establish methods to reduce the time to develop and field new software capabilities and their life cycle costs for future vertical lift aircraft.

Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center’s, or AMRDEC’s, Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator project is leading those science and technology efforts through two initiatives. Joint Common Architecture, or JCA, and Future Airborne Capabilities Environment, or FACE, are key to achieving these goals and expected to demonstrate the means to develop avionics software, which is more portable, modular, and interoperable than currently fielded.

If successful, future Army aircraft may leverage the portability aspects to share software across different computing environments similar to the manner in which android smartphones are able to share applications today. Common modular applications could lead to systems that are supportable by more than a single vendor and are no longer platform specific meaning they will be able to be used on more than one particular aircraft.

AMRDEC has many partners in industry and academia working alongside to achieve these common architecture goals through JCA and FACE. These players are …read more

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