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By Bob Owens

force on force

In a move that will come as an absolute shock to no one, “research” funded by a radical gun control group has been shaped to draw a conclusion would greatly restrict who can carry firearms for self-defense, and force them to undergo expensive and time-consuming training that wouldn’t necessarily change how they would perform in a typical real-world scenario.

The National Gun Victims Action Council funded “research” by three Mount St. Mary’s University academics that resulted in the pseudo-scientific 57-page report, “Firearms Training Self-Defense & Does the Quality and Frequency of Training Determine the Realistic Use of Firearms by Citizens for Self-Defense?” (PDF).

The Christian Science Monitor gushed about the conclusions reached by the authors.

The recent investigation used 77 volunteers and had each of them participate in three scenarios – a carjacking, an armed robbery, and a case of suspected larceny.

People with firearms training performed better than those without it.

The Washington Post noted the latter “didn’t take cover. They didn’t attempt to issue commands to their assailants. Their trigger fingers were either too itchy – they shot innocent bystanders or unarmed people, or not itchy enough – they didn’t shoot armed assailants until they were already being shot …Read the Rest

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