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By Robert Farago

Republican South Carolina State Senator Larry Martin (courtesy

Our good friends at had a chin wag with South Carolina State Senator Larry Martin. Despite Senator Martin’s opposition to “closing the background check loophole,” the relentless anti-gun rights site — owned by Everytown for Gun Safety supremo Michael Bloomberg — reckoned Senator Martin was pro-gun control enough to air his views. In this they’re not wrong. Aside from his support of “gun-free” zones, Senator Martin has been instrumental in preventing The Palmetto State from enacting permitless of Constitutional carry. Here’s his reasoning . . .

First, I believe that the training component, which is required when you obtain a concealed carry permit, is essential. Training teaches the difference between brandishing a weapon and pulling it out in self-defense. If you’re going to have folks walking around in the kind of environment we have today, you need that training.

There is no evidence to suggest that firearms training — of which I heartily approved on a voluntary basis — makes armed citizens safer, either from bad guys or themselves. It is also unconstitutional, being a government mandated and controlled infringement on the Second Amendment-protected right to keep and bear arms.

I’m not sure what Senator Martin means by the …Read the Rest

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