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By Ammoland

Climate Change Democrats vs Republicans


Republicans need to spend January developing a new strategy capable of changing current patterns and maximizing their chance to keep the House.

USA – -( Republicans lost in an Alabama U.S. Senate race for the first time in 25 years.

Republicans lost the Virginia governorship last month, despite Ed Gillespie getting more votes than any Republican gubernatorial candidate in the state’s history. They also lost 14 House of Delegates seats, and four races are still being recounted – enough for Republicans to potentially lose control after 17 years in the majority.

In New Jersey, an unpopular Republican governor doomed the GOP candidate to a decisive defeat with 42 percent of the vote. Despite this outcome, the legislative elections were essentially a draw.

The estimates the current generic ballot is now 47.2 percent Democrat and 37.5 percent Republican. If this stabilizes at that level, 2018 will be a disaster for Republicans.

Those Republicans who take comfort from the special elections in the House of Representatives should look carefully at the details. Every special election the GOP has won since the 2016 elections has involved districts which are either strongly Republican or voted for President Trump. Despite massive spending by various GOP …Read the Rest

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