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A batch of Paraguay police rifles was discovered stolen last week.

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Brazilian Police Get Radical Firearms RF-15, SIG P320, Armalite AR-10

Missing Paraguay Police Rifles

According to the BBC, it all started a year ago when genuine, Paraguay police-issue FN FAL rifles started showing up on the black market, where they can go for up to $10,000. Authorities then ordered an inventory check. That’s when 42 rifles were discovered missing from the headquarters of the Department of Armaments and Munitions of the National Police. The headquarters is located in the city of Capiatá.

To add insult to injury, the missing rifles were replaced with wooden and plastic replicas. ABC Color reports that Chief Inspector Benjamin Segovia, the head of the Department of Armaments and Ammunitions, said differences in detail between the weapons listed on the inventory list and the actual rifles found confirmed the switch.

The missing rifles were in storage. But they’re still …Read the Rest

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