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By Taylor Thorne

The 2020 USPSA JP Enterprises PCC National Championship marked the first stand-alone PCC national event — making history for the PCC division. Held June 18 through June 21 in Frostproof, Florida, the match demonstrated the growth PCC has undergone, attracting new shooters and women. An excellent cross-training event for action-rifle and 3-Gun, PCC offers a fun, competitive environment.
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What is PCC?
Thank you to the many sponsors, including Federal Premium. (Photo: Taylor Thorne/
PCC, or Pistol Caliber Carbine, refers to an AR platform rifle that shoots 9mm — a round typically associated with pistols. PCC usually operates as a division within a standard USPSA match, with stages designed for pistols, not rifles.
This presents its own set of challenges. Maneuvering with a rifle requires a different skillset within action-style stages. For example, rifles increase the difficulty of navigating tight corners and barricades. Not to mention, a rifle requires more planning to control the muzzle.
It’s not… (Photo: Taylor Thorne/
PCC Gains Steam
PCC competitors shoot a rifle in what has been, traditionally, a pistol sport, so it’s no surprise that there are USPSA shooters who feel PCC


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