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us army m17 pistol barrel

us army m17 pistol right profile
army m4 and m17 pistol

In a break with previous policy, U.S. Army squad and team leaders will dual-carry the new M17 MHS and M4 carbine.

Junior leaders aren’t usually required to carry a sidearm, but The Drive says the decision came about after the Army mulled over how to divvy up the new pistols over the course of the MHS program. With a nod to special operations units like the 75th Ranger Regiment, the service even considered arming every infantry soldier with an M17 regardless of rank or role before deciding against that idea.

“We did not want to dual-arm the entire Army,” said Daryl Eastlick, the deputy of the Lethality Branch at the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning, Ga., according to “We looked at those forces that close with and destroy the enemy in close combat as their primary function.

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