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By Jacki Billings

The RAMBO system includes an NSRDEC-designed standalone kit with 3D-printed adjustable buttstock, mounts, grips and other modifications. (Photo: Sunny Burns, ARDEC)
3D-printed gun designs are selling for as little as $12 within the darkest corners of the Internet, according to a new report by the RAND Corporation, a global research group.
After reviewing 811 weapons listings on several dark-web markets, researchers found that firearms were the top selling category, with more than 300 active listings, and a surprising candidate emerged as number two: digital products offering gun and explosive manuals and designs.
“While guides and manuals on how to make bombs at home were illegally circulating on the web well before the establishment of cryptomarkets, the level of accessibility provided by these platforms represents reason for high concern among policy makers and practitioners,” researchers said in the study, which unearthed a total of 222 listings for digital products.
Though 3D-printing files themselves did not equate to an overwhelming share of the dark-web market, accounting for only 11 out of hundreds of items up for sale, it’s the accessibility of the files that concerns researchers.
Computer aided design, or CAD, files used to 3D-print guns go for as little as $12 on the dark web, researchers


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