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By David Codrea

Nice hat. How can any gun owner be surprised when two-faced “progressives” turn around and stab them in the back? So how can NRA be… and continually? (Via Twitter)

USA – -( “In race for [Minnesota] governor, [Tim] Walz embraces role as gun-control candidate,” MinnPost reported Thursday. “Walz had that pesky résumé item of having been endorsed by the NRA in the past, and then there were the photos: pictures of Walz wearing a camo hat with the message, ‘Tim Walz: NRA Endorsed.’”

How can this be? Chris Cox of the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action had gone so far as to commend Walz for “his unwavering pro-gun support,” and call him a “true and consistent friend.”

But now Walz is turning coat and betraying people he used to ingratiate himself to because he wanted their support. When have we seen a Democrat* do that to NRA and the members relying on its political ratings before?

Plenty of times, whenever they perceive they can take the mask off and it will improve their political chances:

  • We saw former NRA Director and Democrat Rep. John Dingell vote …Read the Rest

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