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By Jenn Jacques


Colorado State Rep. Patrick Neville thinks teachers in his state should be able to protect their students with firearms, and has a very good reason behind his bill to arm teachers. Rep. Neville is a survivor of the 1999 Columbine High School massacre.

Reflecting on that day as an adult, he realizes, “I truly believe that had some of them had the legal authority to be armed, more of my friends might be with me today.”

Tuesday, Neville re-introduced legislation that would allow Colorado teachers with concealed carry permits to carry in the classroom to protect themselves and their students.

“The only thing that is going to stop murderers intent on doing harm is to give good people the legal authority to carry a gun to protect themselves and our children,” Neville said in a statement.

The young Republican introduced a similar bill last year which failed to pass in the Democrat-controlled house. His new bill, while also not expected to pass, is part of a national trend in discussing what can be done to keep school children safe.

Proponents of the bill compare it’s potential success to Utah, where teachers frequently carry in schools to protect their students in the event …Read the Rest

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