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By gunwriter Admittedly Remington messed up when they originally introduced the R 51. Speculation was rampant and included suggestions that the pistol was just a bad concept and even that Remington had paid firearms journalists to lie about how well it performed. The “truth” was very different and was not found on a website claiming to purvey that particular commodity. The fact is initial R51s worked well. I have one of the first and have used it and carried it for two years. The problem came when production ramped up to meet the high demand. (The R 51 after all has very appealing features.) With production running at full speed, Remington’s customers and engineers discovered the pistol – as designed – could not be produced at that velocity, with the protocols currently in place. I think Remington’s biggest mistake was not admitting this sooner. Now, this might seem covertly subversive on their part but trust me on this one, being on the side of the industry I am, I know almost every firearms manufacture has experienced similar problems. Most correct the few thousand guns issued and the problem before it becomes news. Remington could not. Finally, Remington pulled the plug and found …Read the Rest

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