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By Chris Eger

The new steel shot shells, aimed at waterfowlers, come in BB, 2, 3, and 4 sizes, complete with throwback packaging and blue hulls. (Photos: Remington)
Collectors familiar with the old blue boxes of Peters from yesteryear are in for a treat as Big Green is bringing the brand back for a new line of High Velocity steel shot. Remington announced Monday that their Peters Premier Blue series, featuring four different 12 gauge 3-inch loadings, each containing 1.25-ounces of shot, will include blue hulls and throwback packaging.
The Peters Cartridge Company, founded in Kings Mills, Ohio in 1887, was a stalwart supplier of cartridges and powder of all kinds and vintage ammo boxes are highly sought by collectors. Acquired by Remington in 1934, the company kept the distinctive blue hulled Victor and High Velocity brand shotgun shells along with Peters’ branding through WWII and into the 1960s, while their own standard Remington-branded hulls remained green– although the legacy “R-P” headstamp on their cartridges, for “Remington-Peters” has endured.
The new Peters Premier Blue shells, aimed at waterfowlers, come in BB, 2, 3, and 4 sizes, all using round steel shot and a stitched wad coupled with kleanbore priming, a sealed primer, and a 6-segment Peters


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