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By Dean Weingarten

870 Security shotgun above, 870 Tac 14 Firearm below

By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -( BATFE ruling that firearms that are more than 26 inches in length, but are not manufactured to be fired from the shoulder, are neither pistols or shotguns or rifles, but merely “firearms” has resulted in a new type of defensive firearm.

The Remington Tac 14 is now available and has suggested retail price of $443.05. Store prices will likely be in the $400 range.

These type of firearms have been produced by small manufacturers for years. Two years ago, I predicted that the major manufacturers would come on board, if the small manufacturers proved popular.

At that time, I had not considered a Donald Trump Presidency. From the article two years ago:

The usual sequence is that when small manufacturers find a profitable market, large manufactures start production of their own models to take advantage of it. I will be watching to see if Mossberg or other large firms start offering pistol grip 12 gauge firearms of similar configurations.

It is an interesting time, and I believe the end result will be reform of federal gun laws, to something far more rational and less …Read the Rest

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