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By Justin Stakes

Remington American Clay & Field Reloadable Sport Loads

Initial Shipments Available at Cabela’s

Remington American Clay & Field Reloadable Sport Loads
Remington Arms Company, LLC

Madison, NC -( Remington Arms Company, LLC (“Remington”) announced today that it is now shipping their new reloadable, American Clay & Field sport loads.

American Clay & Field loads are made in America, using 100% American-made components by serious shotgunners for serious shotgunners, and offer the perfect combination of American-made quality, performance and value.

American Clay & Field components include high antimony lead shot, STS primers, Power Piston wads and unibody hulls featuring premium brass-plated steel caps. The high-hardness lead shot provides consistent, tight patterns at all ranges. Remington’s premier STS primers deliver consistent muzzle velocities for consistent performance and are suitable for use in all shotguns, including high grade fixed breech firearms. The Remington Power Piston wads cushion the shot charge for less deformation and more consistent velocities even in overbore barrels. The hull design will be appreciated most by reloaders, but benefits all shooters because it is simply a more robust design.

American Clay & Field cartridges offer shooters top quality, matched components that provide excellent shot-to-shot consistency for superior patterning capability on upland game and clays.

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