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By Philip Van Cleave

Bloomberg Gun Giveaway
Bloomberg Gun Giveaway

Virginia – -( As some of you may know, member VCDL Jay Minsky died this week and was buried Thursday morning. As I attended the funeral, I realized that he played a part in a historic event for Virginia Citizens Defense League and I would like to share it.

Back in 2007, then Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, decided to send undercover agents to Virginia in order to do a “sting” on some Virginia gun dealers so he could destroy them financially with a lawsuit. Using a hidden camera, the agents pretended to be straw purchasers and tried to coax the gun dealers into selling guns to them illegally.

The agents were not exactly Hollywood-quality actors. Many dealers turned them away, but some didn’t hear the subtle cues that a straw purchase was being done and sold them a gun.

Bloomberg then brought suit against them for huge amounts of money.

Watching the videos from those buys, it was apparent to Virginia Citizens Defense League leadership that the dealers did nothing wrong and couldn’t possibly have picked up on the botched “clues.” In fact, it looked to us like the purchasers had actually broken the law themselves.

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