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By Robert Farago

Mr. Patterson (courtesy

“A Plant High School student faces charges for bringing a firearm on campus after police — investigating an unrelated ‘vague’ threat — found hunting weapons in his vehicle,” reports. That lead doesn’t quite make the grade (so to speak), in terms of telling readers that the young man in question had nothing to do with this “vague” threat. In fact . . .

The South Tampa school was put into a modified lockdown Wednesday morning while police investigated a possible threat.

During that time, a student arrived for school, but could not get inside because of the lockdown. Officers approached the student, who was waiting in his vehicle, and discovered a shotgun, ammunition and a knife.

Stupid kid probably consented to a search. Don’t they teach them anything in high school civics class?

The school was later taken off lockdown after nothing else suspicious was found.

Stratton Patterson, though, was charged with two counts of possession of a firearm on school property. His attorney admitted the 18-year-old made a mistake.

“He is, in fact, a hunter and it was an honest mistake. He simply forgot to remove the weapon after returning from a prior hunting excursion,” a statement from Barry Taracks said. …Read the Rest

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