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By Peter Suciu

Skyrocket Recoil laser tag, smart phone

Skyrocket Recoil laser tag, Michael Madsen

More than a decade before the popular video game Wolfenstein 3D was released, chances are, when you thought of a “first-person shooter”-style game, that was laser tag. That futuristic combat simulation was first introduced in 1979 by Milton Bradley, and spawned numerous clones. But one thing remained pretty much the same: Players carried simple “laser guns” and wore vests that would indicate whether they were “hit.” It was actually pretty high-tech for its day.

ready or not video game


Trailer Released for the Gritty New SWAT-Based Video Game ‘Ready or Not’

The game, which built on actual laser-based training systems employed by the U.S. military, wasn’t aimed at thrill-seekers, however. Instead, it was marketed mainly to kids, yet just as often played by slightly older males who had an interest in all things science-fiction—geeks like the characters on The Big Bang Theory.

Somewhere along the way, laser tag also grew beyond something for birthday parties and nerdy bachelor parties and into organized competitions complete with tournaments …Read the Rest

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