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By Mike Searson

Rebuilding a Remington 870
Rebuilding a Remington 870

U.S.A.-(’s always fun when you buy a new firearm, but we get more enjoyment out of building our own or creating a project out of an old fixer-upper. Recently we picked up a short-barreled Remington 870 and replaced the black plastic furniture with an old school walnut “corncob” forend and a “Law Enforcement Only” factory folding stock that was on our old truck gun.

As much as we loved the new (to us) short-barreled Remington 870, we needed to do something with our old one that still ran great despite its looks.


Our old 870 had an 18.5” barrel with a Remchoke installed, we wanted to preserve this, but we wanted to give up the bead sight for something better. We also had a Wilson Combat +2 magazine extension and decided to keep that as well.

We reached out to Spitfire Armory for one of their sight systems which provides front an rear irons like a rifle as well as a scope mount in case you want to run an optic.

Spitfire Armory Front Sight
<img src="×260.jpg?edd1ca" alt="Spitfire Armory …Read the Rest

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