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By Ammoland

Reality Based Firearms Training for Civilians

By Mike Searson

Reality Based Firearms Training for Civilians
Mike Searson
Mike Searson

USA – -( When specifically training for personal defense or home defense, Reality Based Firearms Training is the key to success.

This type of training goes beyond shooting reactive targets or going through laser based scenarios (which both have merits in their own right).

This is similar to sparring for a boxer as opposed to shadow boxing.

Reality Based Training involves the use of real firearms that have been converted to shoot safe training marking cartridges. It is considered to be the highest level of evaluating a student’s application of skills without having to engage in a “real” fight.

In the past this training the higher end and more realistic variants have been limited to military and LEO types via MILES or Simunitions and most civilian trainers were reduced to using air soft, paintball, laser tag or other low end solutions.

That changed a few years ago when Simunitions ( ) opened their training up to civilian ranges in a new training program. We were able to witness some of the instruction by Barrett Kendrick and Allessandro Padovani …read more

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