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By James England

We have readers that occasionally submit stories from their own personal lives. It offers us a fresh take on what we see from the concealed carrier’s point-of-view versus always dealing with news stories.

One concealed carrier recently wrote in and this was his story. For anonymity, we’ll refer to him as “Dr. M. Dade, Menaced In Miami“.

DISCLAIMER: We are publishing this story for educational purposes only and nothing within the article should be construed as promotion or advocacy for any of the words, choices, or actions of this individual. If you are easily offended by explicit language, this article is probably not for you.

PART 1: Why The Doctor Decided To Carry

“Well, as my story goes I was walking my little old dog through my neighborhood in [Miami, Florida]. It’s a very suburban, upscale gated area which is adjacent to a public state park off Biscayne Bay.

I had my face buried in my iPhone as I took my dog for a long walk. There are very few cars, no sidewalks, and rarely do you even see a neighbor; just kids heading in and out of the park.

I did notice two young boys on one bike approaching me and passed by me. [The] …Read the Rest

Source:: Concealed Nation

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