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By Tom Knighton

When a Bernie Sanders supporter took an SKS to a baseball park to shoot Republican lawmakers, I feared we were watching the first act in a possible civil war. It was terrifying in a lot of ways, but I suspect none of us were as scared as Rep. Steve Scalise.

After all, most of us were reading about it on the internet or watching it on TV. He was laying there on the field, bleeding from gunshot wounds he sustained from the attack.

When he recovered, some might have wondered if Scalise’s pro-gun stance had changed. To his credit, though, he remained consistent in his support for the Second Amendment, despite what happened.

However, it looks like a senior editor for Raw Story is, well, let’s just say he’s less than appreciative of Scalise’s consistency on the issue.

A senior editor of the left-wing website The Raw Story is facing blowback from conservative Twitter after he said House Majority Whip Steve Scalise deserved a “Darwin Award” for continuing to oppose gun control policies despite almost dying from a mass shooting last summer.

Martin Cizmar, a former Daily News-Record reporter who now covers politics for The Raw …Read the Rest

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