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By Chris Eger

Gov. Bruce Rauner dripped veto ink on a controversial measure that would have added red tape to federally licensed gun dealers in the state (Photo: Rauner’s office)
Democrats in the legislature are spooling up to attempt an override of Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto of a bill that would add state scrutiny to federally licensed Illinois gun dealers.
Rauner rejected the measure Tuesday in its entirety, saying SB 1657 was redundant and would establish “a largely duplicative state level of licensing and regulation” to the already existing federal oversight on legal gun dealers without improving public safety. The Governor, who has been pressured by Chicago lawmakers and Mayor Rahm Emanuel to sign the bill, shook his head to the notion that adding more regulation to gun shops would take weapons off the Windy City’s streets.
“The core issue is not which guns to legally ban or regulate,” Rauner said in his veto letter to legislators. “We have ample proof that such narrowly focused legislative responses make for good political cover, but they do little to stop the illegal flow of guns into Illinois or prevent people from committing thousands of crimes in our state each year with illegal guns.”
The vetoed bill would mandate


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