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By Chris Eger

Rock Island Auction is set to offer a trio of desirable Colt wheel guns including a “Fluck” Dragoon, a military-marked Eli Whitney Walker and a civilian model fit for a Scandinavian skipper.
The rarest of the three, the only known original cased civilian Walker in circulation, is referred to by collectors as the Danish Sea Captain due to its first owner, Captain Niels Hanson, who purchased the gun in New York while in port and brought it back to Europe with him where it was passed down through his family and collectors in Denmark for over a century.
The ‘Captain. (Photos: RIA)
According to lore, the gun even survived being buried in a garden by its then owner during the Nazi occupation of that Baltic country during WWII. The estimated price for this rare bird, which has been extensively documented over the past 80 years? How about somewhere between $800,000 and $1.3 million.
Slightly more affordable but no less interesting is a gun made by Eli Whitney’s factory in 1847 to arm the newly formed U.S. Mounted Rifle Regiment.
This U.S.-marked Walker was made for Company B of the Mounted Rifles
The massive revolver — tipping the scales at almost 5-pounds in large part to its


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