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By David Lombardo

I’m not sure which the better example of being delusional is: Ed Asner (aka Lou Grant) and Ed Weinberger (a comedy writer) co-authoring an article about the Second Amendment as if they were scholars or Salon Magazine publishing their article and pretending they are scholars. What’s going on, an LSD renaissance?

In their Salon article “Sorry, NRA: The U.S. was actually founded on gun control,” Asner and Weinberger follow the talking points that reflect their comedy careers – they’re written by someone else. For instance:

…Let’s consider the case made by the NRA, its Congressional hired hands, the majority of the Supreme Court, and various right wing pundits who claim the Second Amendment is not simply about state militias but guarantees the unfettered right of everyone to own, carry, trade and eventually shoot someone with a gun.

That’s about as funny as a Joyce Behar stand-up routine. What these has-been funny men are missing is that it isn’t the NRA that has the clout. It’s the millions of members who make up the NRA that have the clout.

The authors try to make the usual anti-gun case that the Second Amendment is about being in the militia and citizens don’t really …Read the Rest

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