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By David Lombardo

(Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune)
(Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune)

One would think if you are the mayor of a city that the President of the United States suggests needed federal intervention in order to control violent crime, that you’d be shamed into doing something about it. Well, not if it’s the Windy City, a nom de guerre Chicago earned for its proliferation of long-winded politicians constantly ducking reality. It is a proclivity shared by the press.

More than once President Trump has alluded to involvement at the federal level. The response from Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been cool but the press has taken up the torch condemning such reckless talk as federal intervention in local affairs.

In “Even a Pro-Gun Liberal Doesn’t Get It,“an article I wrote earlier this week in, I contrasted the disconnect between a pro-gun liberal’s opinion of the Second Amendment and that of a conservative’s. The former views the Second Amendment as an issue of defense against criminals while the latter as a defense against government. The liberal mindset is the Second Amendment is flexible to the needs of the liberal agenda up to and including abolishing it.

Chicago’s response to violent crime underscores the fallacy …Read the Rest

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