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By David Lombardo


I can’t count the number of times my Rant of the Week’s subject has been about liberals who excoriate conservatives for doing something they do all the time. “Don’t do as I do, do as I say,” is a fundamental precept of liberalism and now there’s another shining example of how low a liberal can go.

California assemblyman Evan Low, apparently an avid shotgunner, recently posted a video on his Facebook page showing him handily dispatching clay birds at the Los Altos Rod and Gun Club. Low knocked them down at a rate that would indicate he was pretty darn familiar with the business end of a shotgun.

Now I understand that there are plenty of Democrats who love shooting every bit as much as Republicans but when it comes to Low, it’s a bit perplexing. As a California Assemblyman, Low is not known to be an advocate of the right to bear arms nor a friend of the NRA.

A article relates how Low holds the National Rifle Association directly responsible for mass shootings. According to the May 18th article, shortly after the Orlando terrorist attack Low personally called out NRA lobbyist Dan Reid during a hearing …Read the Rest

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