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By Bob Owens

The U.K. Telegraph is doing the job American journalists won’t do, and has set out to get a rough idea of where Republican candidates stand on the issue of Second Amendment rights. They asked whether or not candidates were gun owners, provided their NRA record (if available), and mentioned their known guns as reported in the media, resulting in the following chart.

The U.K Telegraph conducted and survey and did research to determine where Republican Presidential candidates stood on gun rights.

I’ve asked one of the reporters (Raf Sanchez) who put this story together if they have a comparable story on Democrat candidate gun ownership that I’ve either missed, or that they haven’t published yet. We strongly suspect that there isn’t a story, as they are all abysmal on Second Amendment issues.

What Sanchez and his collaborator David Lawler didn’t do was rank the candidates based on their answers, and more importantly, their records.

Not every candidate has a legislative track record on 2nd Amendment issues. Donald Trump and Ben Carson are all coming into the race as private citizens.

Not every candidate is a gun owner. Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, and Chris Christie do not own guns.

While no ranking system …read more

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