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By Ammoland

Ranger Point Precision Fiber Optic Rifle Sights
Ranger Point Precision Fiber Optic Rifle Sights

Houston, TX -( Ranger Point Precision’s new front fiber optic rifle sights utilize intelligent design and quality material to deliver the brightest and most robust sights on the market while presenting a finer aim point than competing sights. New fiber optic front sights work great with any rear sight including our CloverLeaf rear fiber optic peep sights.

Ranger Point Precision, a leading innovator and producer of performance parts for pistols and rifles, today announced the availability of new fiber optic front sights for rifles that are exceptionally bright with a fine aim point, have an elegant and robust design that protects the light pipe, and fit any rifle with a standard 3/8″ dovetail barrel cut or front sight base (Marlin Firearms, Remington, Savage Arms, Henry Repeating Arms, Winchester Repeating Arms and more).

Fiber optic sights have long been popular, thanks to their ability to collect light and provide a bright, fast point of aim. In rifle sights, fiber optics are tough to beat. However, they have not been without their drawbacks. Traditional fiber optic front sights have been delicate, often losing their light pipes at the worst moment. They also present a frustratingly coarse point …Read the Rest

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