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By Nick Leghorn


Machine guns are a top draw in Sin City. In fact, the constant flow of thrill seekers from other, less freedom-loving countries means the appetite for full-auto fun is damn near insatiable. Places like The Gun Store have been satisfying customers for years, but they’re designed to maximize customer throughput. Wait times can be painfully long. The latest wave of machine gun rental operations have focused more on the quality of the experience. Machine Guns Vegas is at the top of the heap . . .

MGV’s exterior has a minimalist feel. There’s nothing to denote that this is a gun range besides the monogram in the corner, the large red door and the TTAG writers loitering by the entrance. If you don’t know what you’re looking for you could miss it. As soon as you grab the semi-automatic door handle you know you’re headed for a ballistic bounty.


The interior is far more inviting than other Vegas machine gun ranges’ bus station-like waiting rooms. There’s some MGV …Read the Rest

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