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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Ranew's Outdoors Gambrel and Scale
Ranew’s Outdoors Gambrel and Scale

USA -( How much did the last buck you shot weigh?

If you don’t know, but would like to know the weight of the deer you tag this coming season, Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment has an elegant solution for you: their combination gambrel and scale.

The scale is integrated into the gambrel, allowing you to hang, weigh, dress and quarter game without having to put the animal on a scale to get the weight, then move it for skinning. You can engage the scale or take the weight off with a click of a pin, and you can get the live weight of the animal, the dressed weight, and even weigh the quarters.

If you process your own game, then having a solid gambrel allows you to work at a comfortable height – no straining your back bending over a skinning table. You can not only get live weight but dressed weight, quarter weights and a good idea of how much meat each deer produces.

But even if you don’t process your own deer, Ranew’s Outdoors Gambrel and Scale can serve as a handy part of your management plan.

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