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By Robert Farago

“The Uber driver authorities say fatally shot six people during a series of seemingly random attacks over the weekend was charged with murder Monday as questions swirled around the bloody rampage,” reports. “Investigators continue to look for a motive in the shooting, but so far detectives have not found any explanation.” Oh but everyone sure wishes they could! Because this type of crime . . .

strikes fear into the hearts of Americans everywhere. A completely random attack by the proverbial “nice neighbor” next door.

If the shootings could be explained by mental illness — say Mr. Dalton had a history of psychiatric trouble — people could think, well, someone should have done something before he went ballistic! Then again . . .

The Aurora theater killer was clearly, dangerously crazy and no one in authority who knew about his “issues” did a damn thing to stop him. Same for the Virgina Tech killer. And the Sandy Hook murderer. Oh and Gabby Giffords’ shooter, too. For some reason, the public didn’t blame any of the people who failed in their obligation to protect innocent life in these mass shootings.

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