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By Robert Farago

Disneyworld entrance (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Upon entering Disney’s Hollywood Studio, “Joe” searched my backpack. There were three pockets in the front of the pack and several on either side. Joe didn’t open any of the pockets to examine any of their contents. Not good. This time of year the Disney entertainment industrial complex is wall-to-wall with shvitzing tourists, jammed in a huge confusing space with multiple choke points and no clearly marked exits. If a terrorist somehow smuggled explosives or firearms into the House of the Mouse and attacked Walt’s “guests” it would be a very bad thing indeed. Saying that . . .

I’m sure the Disney complex is under constant video surveillance, and that the people discreetly monitoring Disney’s customers know exactly what to look for in terms of lethal threats. (Disney’s staff training is generally superb.) I’d like to believe that the Disney Corporation has armed, highly trained security guards – hopefully including its own SWAT team – ready to emerge from the park’s underground tunnels and hidden bunkers to take care of business, should worst come to worst. Still, I don’t think it’s enough.

Ideally, Disney’s guests should have to go through the same security procedures that airline passengers endure before they board …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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