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By Don McDougall

Percentage of Shooting in Gun Free Zones


intolerance bigotry liberal hate speech racism race baiting

California – -( The local fairgrounds were discussing renewing gun shows or not. A friend of mine commented that over 80% of all shootings are gang and drug-related. The response was a flat out racist comment, which we will not repeat, from the #Enough activists who want to ban guns.

To be honest, I’m not even sure where to start. Calling someone “RACIST” has been so overdone that when you actually see racism there staring you in in fact is seem a bit unreal. A dozen or so aging hippies in their matching shirts, racists all!

But the anti-gun left doesn’t stop there. ANYONE they disagree with must be destroyed. I took my address off of a Friends of the NRA Facebook page after an anti-gun activist threatened to burn the building we were meeting into the ground with us in it. At a Marriott where we were meeting a white pick up tried to run down a pair of FNRA event attendees in the parking lot while yelling F*** the NRA. Add to this the SWATings false acquisition and threats of violence (Anonymous death threats …Read the Rest

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