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r. lee ermey full metal jacket

The firearms community has a long, complicated history with Hollywood. From our point of view, it has become a world too often dominated by hypocrisy, with actors, actresses, directors, producers and studios all equally culpable. Films glorify violence with the gun. Meanwhile, the Hollywood elite cry from ivory towers for more gun control. The latest pitiful example of that hypocrisy reared its ugly head when the Oscars in Memoriam 2019 segment left out R. Lee Ermey.


RIP R. Lee Ermey: ‘The Gunny’ Has Died at Age 74

Sure, we’re biased. R. Lee Ermey, “the Gunny,” was a friend to Athlon Outdoors. Moreover, he stood as an icon of the firearms industry. He was the unlikely star, yet he maintained his Marine Corps ethos and remained a staunch supporter of the firearms community and the 2nd Amendment. And there can be little doubt this cost him even further success. At the very least, it likely led to Ermey being left out of the Oscars in Memoriam segment.

The former Marine Corps drill instructor exploded onto the screen as Gunnery Sgt. Hartman, the epitome of a mean, hard-nosed DI turning out Marines for the jungles of Vietnam. Filmed as an …Read the Rest

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