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By Dan Zimmerman


“(I)f the (background check) law only accomplishes good things and not bad things—that is, if there are no costs worth considering in trying to enforce an often feckless law—that might not be such a big deal. But: I always like to make this point, though it means nothing to those for whom the right to own a gun for safety or pleasure means nothing: background checks to ‘catch’ people prohibited from owning guns by federal law are going to harm an overwhelmingly large number of people who would never harm anyone with the weapon they are being kept from owning. It takes a very high level of belief that essentially no one should own a gun to believe that everyone who the law has connected to illegal drugs should not be able to access the best means for self-protection.” – Brian Doherty in Dylann Roof and Background Checks: Not Loopholes, Just Predictable Lack of Bureaucratic Competence [at]

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