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By Keith Wood

choosing the best rifle suppressor

Sound suppressors have grown from a tiny niche market to a large mainstream industry, seemingly overnight. As the industry grows, the technology is improving at a rapid pace. The practical applications of suppressor use are also extending beyond tactical shooting to include the hunting community.

Today’s suppressors offer numerous benefits, including reduced noise and light signature, less overpressure from the muzzle blast reaching the shooter and bystanders and reduced felt recoil. Despite these benefits, however, there are some aspects of suppressors that many shooters still consider serious drawbacks.

Suppressors can add significant length to a firearm, compromise balance and cause fairly significant point-of-impact shifts downrange. Utah-based AMTAC is a relatively new player in the suppressor market, but the company set out to specifically address what it saw as shortcomings of other products on the market.

AMTAC makes a full line of precision-machined suppressors in both 5.56mm and 7.62mm versions.

Like firearm manufacturers, suppressor makers come from all sorts of backgrounds. Many companies do very little (if any) of the manufacturing themselves, preferring to subcontract the work out to capable machine shops.

AMTAC came from the other direction: its founders have spent the last three-plus decades as an …Read the Rest

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