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By Robert Farago

“Last week, more than six hundred voices echoed across the gymnasium of St. Augustine High School in New Orleans, Louisiana,” reports. “They belonged to students gathered to recite a pledge, but not the familiar ode to the stars and stripes. This one was a pledge against illegal drug use gun violence.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Hey, I could have put unprotected sex. Or drunk driving. Nodding off in math class? Anyway, in its unending search for PR, the civilian disarmament complex has revived an ancient student pledge (original name unknown). So, what good is it? would you take it? Here it is . . .

I will never bring a gun to school.

I will never use a gun to settle a personal problem or dispute.

I will use my influence with friends to keep them from using guns to settle disputes.

My individual choices and actions, when multiplied by those of young people throughout the country, will make a difference.

Together, by honoring this pledge, we can reverse the violence and grow up in safety.

The Student Pledge Against Gun Violence

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