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By Robert Farago

Background checks on gun sales are a clear infringement on Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms (which is not subject to arguments on social utility). Background checks are also useless; in a country with more than 150 million guns in circulation, bad guys can get guns, whether they’re drug-addled spree killers, homicidal Chicago gang bangers or death-seeking ISIS-affiliated terrorists. Anyone arguing that increased background checks for firearms purchases – for gun shows and private sales – decreases the possibility of terrorist attack is . . .

either seriously deluded or hiding their desire for civilian disarmament. Or both. The “logic” of “universal background checks” is so fundamentally flawed that even those who champion it can’t bring themselves to sell it without qualifiers. Check out the conclusion of the editorial Background checks could help prevent terrorism:

Closing the gun show loophole obviously isn’t a cure-all for terrorism. No single measure or action is. Still, the loophole is something terrorists are aware of and could well exploit. It should have been closed long ago. There is no excuse for not doing so now.

Terrorists are also aware that they could hijack a car or large …Read the Rest

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