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By Robert Farago

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“Democrats are becoming more and more outspoken about gun violence in the wake of seemingly ever increasing mass shootings, despite the fact that the American public remains as opposed as ever to many gun-control measures,” reports. Copy that. This gun blogger has noticed a distinct uptick in civilian disarmament background chatter in the run-up to the 2016 election cycle. This despite poll numbers revealing that show Americans’ support for gun control is waning and the widely acknowledged fact that . . .

disarmament types lack the political muscle of pro-gun voters. In fact, Hillary’s anti-gun position seems like an act of political suicide, as Bill warned his beloved many moons ago.

Business Insider doesn’t offer any insight into the Dems’ anti-gun agitprop propagation – other than ideological intransigence. Are Dems and their mainstream media enablers playing to their loony left during pre-primary school before making a move towards a more palatable position (i.e. a tissue of lies) for the grown-ups? Enquiring minds want to know.

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