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By Robert Farago

Last night’s Republican debate started off like so many preceding it. ABC’s “moderators” spread copious quantities of political chum in the water and invited the candidates to rip each other to pieces. Texas Senator Ted Cruz ignored the temptation, while NJ Governor Christie went into a Rubio feeding frenzy. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush suddenly woke-up and took a bite or five out of former bankrupt Donald Trump, who told Jeb! to STFU. Eventually things settled down, allowing Rubio to find his feet, Cruz to find his baleful head-nod, Jeb! to find he was alive, Christie to find his to-the-camera hypnotic stare, Trump to find he’s his own worst enemy, Carson to find [more of his] Xanax and Kasich to find a reason to live. Nobody mentioned gun rights. Without lashing out, at this point in the proceedings, who do you fancy for President?

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