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By Robert Farago

To paraphrase the Irish Spring ad, deadly yes, but I like it too! So why not own one? Well, there’s money. I can’t imagine that a grand day out with the MK-38 Bushmaster (a version of the venerable M242) would cost anything less than $10k in ammo – if I could find someone to sell me some. Then there’s practicality. I don’t own a boat. Given the size and weight of this beast, I reckon a bass boat won’t cut it. And where would I take this boat? Lake Travis? How long do you think it would take the Travis County Sheriff, the DHS, DPS, ATF and all their buddies to . . .

swoop down, confiscate my beloved Bushie and imprison my ass at the mere sight of this thing? A lot less time than it would take to get the government’s blessing for private ownership, cold day in Hell and all. Why is that? Does not the MK-38 Bushmaster – an aimed weapon – fall under the “arms” part of my Second Amendment right to keep and bear protections? I can understand shooting limitations, …read more

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