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By Robert Farago

I’m not a long range shooter. Quite the opposite. As someone who primarily shoots handguns (playing and training for self-defense), I practice shooting at bad breath distances up to, I dunno, 25 yards. I leave the option of moving towards the target on the proverbial table. Yes, I love my rifles. They make it a lot easier to hit things that are far away. But I don’t shoot at targets in the Kingdom Of Far, Far Away . . .

I lack the math skills, patience and all around OCD-edness needed to be a successful long-range shooter. That said, I have rung steel at 1000 yards – when someone else set-up the rifle, hand-loaded the ammo, zeroed the gun, doped the wind, aimed the rifle at the target, squeezed off a few rounds to made sure everything was as it should be and said “your turn.” Question: have you shot out to 1000 yards – and beyond? What’s the longest shot you’ve ever taken and hit the target?

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