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By Robert Farago

Before you get all fired-up about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s pro-gun stance, remember that this is the guy who came out in support of an “assault weapons” ban. And while I love, love, love The Donald’s comment to the NBC interviewer [above] who asked about his firearm habits – “It’s none of your business” – well, guns are our business. And I for one would like Donald to say something like “I have a license. But I shouldn’t have to have a license.” Especially given the fact that . . .

The Donald had to use his juice to get a concealed carry permit, whereas millions of New York City residents have less chance of surmounting the hurdles placed in front of them by the City’s anti-gun politicians and functionaries than I have of dating – need I provide a link? “Does the Donald believe we should “just enforce the [gun laws} we’ve got, or is he in favor of repealing the infringements which disarm citizens all over this great country? For me, the ultimate question for any politician on guns is simple enough: “Do you favor Constitutional carry?” What would …read more

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